Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MLB Roundup Feb. 25

Let get a few administrative things out of the way first here. Here at the Big League Baseball Blog we will be looking at all the teams in the MLB but we do have writers that will write about specific teams. You saw that today with Jim's recap of the Pirates/Phillies game. Jim is our Pirates writer, Michael will write about his beloved Reds, Alex is writing about the Chicago White Sox, Zack will write about the Cardinals, and Paul is representing the Royals. So, that's it for the administrative stuff, just want to keep the readers informed.

Today was the first day of spring training exhibititon games with a total of 16 games on the schedule. Check out the scores below.

Cactus League
White Sox 3 v Angels 12
Giants 10 v Indians 7
Athletics 3 v Brewers 3 (10 innings)
Royals 7 v Rangers 12
Dodgers 3 v Cubs 5
Mariners 3 v Padres 4
D'Backs 5 v Rockies 3

Grapefruit League
Marlins 5 v Cardinals 5 (10 innings)
Mets 9 v Orioles 3
Boston College 1 v Red Sox 7
Braves 4 v Tigers 5
Yankees 6 v Blue Jays 1
Nationals 3 v Astros 6
Phillies 2 v Pirates 8 (see post below for game recap)
Reds 7 v Rays 0
Red Sox 2 v Twins 5

A-Rod hit a home run in the Yankees game against the Blue Jays, obviously his first game since he admitted to taking steroids while with the Texas Rangers. It will definitely be interesting to see how he plays this year with the steroids issue in the back of everyone's minds.

As reported on, the LA Dodgers have made a new offer to resign Manny Ramirez. The numbers are just ridiculous, 2 years for $45 million dollars. Manny is 36 and I guess my question is is he worth almost $25 million a year at that age. Look at his numbers in LA last year though and that shows you why he has a big price tag.

If you are itching for some baseball action tune in to ESPN tomorrow at 1:05 Eastern as the Astros take on the Braves.
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