Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cards and the Rays coverer

Oh yeah - that's right - I said coverer. As it says at the top - we are not all-knowning (yes we know it is wrong). So I have been told by the higher ups at the BLBB - that I will be covering the St. Louis Cardinals & The Tampa Bay Rays. Ironically these are my 2 favorite teams - I grew up in the STL and no I am not a bandwagon Rays fan after last year...I have been since their inception. The Tampa franchise was just starting up when my professional career as a soccer player was beginning in Tampa. But I obviously live and die with the Redbirds. St. Louis always has and will be a baseball town. Anyway, I will be writing an in depth preview on both teams in the next few weeks...and if you ever have any questions at all - please feel free to email me. Until then, make sure you are prepared for your fantasy drafts - and Good Luck!
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