Thursday, March 26, 2009

MLB Roundup Mar. 26

Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada was sentenced to one year of probation today for misleading Congress during the infamous 2005 congressional hearings on steroids. The same one in which Mark McGwire forgot how to speak. Tejada could have spent a year in prison along with a fine but ended up with the probation sentence.

CC Sabathia has been named the starter for the Yankees season opener on April 6th at Baltimore and also the Yankees home opener on April 16th against the Cleveland Indians. I get the feeling that mister CC is going to be pitching a lot of innings once again this season.

- The Rays did end up sending David Price to the minors to start the season.

- Manny Ramirez played in left field yesterday as the Dodgers dropped the game 12-8 to the Brewers. The hamstring injury is supposed to be getting better as well.

- Accused steroid user Rafael Palmeiro was elected into the College Baseball Hall of Fame. That might be the only hall is will be in.

Spring Training Scores (some games are done and some aren't)

Cactus League
Angels v Indians
Royals v Mariners
Doders v Rockies
Cubs v Giants
D'Backs 3 v White Sox 1
Rangers 10 v Brewers 11

Grapefruit League
Rays v Tigers
Twins v Reds
Mets 9 v Cardinals 5
Marlins 11 v Orioles 6
Blue Jays 7 v Braves 5
Yankees 10 v Phillies 2
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