Monday, March 2, 2009

MLB Roundup Mar. 2

Alright here we go:

The Oakland Athletics have agreed a one-year $4 million contract with free-agent Orlando Cabrera, formerly of the White Sox, ESPN is reporting. The 34-year-old hit .281 with eight HR's, 57 RBI's and 19 swiped bases.

Alex Rodriguez reported to the Dominican Republic team ahead of the World Baseball Classic which is set to open up on Thursday. A-Rod met for two hours with MLB investigators on Sunday where they discussed his recent admission to taking steroids. Sounds to me like he just wants to move past the steroids thing but he plays in New York so it's not going anywhere.

Speaking of the WBC, Joe Nathan of the Minnesota Twins and BJ Ryan of the Toronto Blue Jays are both out, leaving the US team with two less relievers than it started the morning with. Nathan has soreness in his pitching elbow and Ryan wants to tune-up in spring training with the Blue Jays. To compensate for these losses the US added Houston's LaTroy Hawkins, the Nationals' Joel Hanrahan, and San Diego reliever Heath Bell.

And let's wrap this up on a note of sportsmanship. Reigning NL MVP Albert Pujols declined an invitation to play for the Dominican Republic in the WBC earlier this year and will not play against them when the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Dominican team in an exhibition on Thursday. Pujols was quoted as saying, "It's all about respect. I don't want to play against them. I don't feel comfortable with it, and that's it." Classy guy.

Here's the scores from today's games:

Cactus League
Marins 5 v White Sox 3
Rangers 8 v Indians 7
Giants 5 v Royals 14
Diamondbacks 9 v Cubs 1
Brewers 3 v Padres 4
Angels 12 v Rockies 3

Grapefruit League
Rays 8 v Cardinals 5
Red Sox 3 v Orioles 5
Moccasins 1 v Tigers 7 (who are the Moccasins anyway?)
Phillies 12 v Blue Jays 7
Yankess 5 v Astros 5
Reds 1 v Pirates 2
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