Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BLBB's Extra Innings Recap

Who's Hot
LA Dodgers (19-8)
Let's go ahead and recognize the team with the best record in baseball this week. The Dogers currently own first place in the NL West, and by a healthy margin of 5.5 games over San Francisco. Manny Ramirez, Orlando Hudson, and Andre Ethier have all been having great seasons in just over a month of games. They helped lead the Dodgers to an 11-0 record at home so far this season and are currently riding a five game winning streak. This division could get very ugly very quick.
HONORABLE MENTION: St. Louis Cardinals (17-9); Kansas City Royals (15-11)

Manny Ramirez
It's hard at this point to pick a player who has done well over the week but I'll go with Manny this week after he went 10-22 with 2 HR's and 5 RBI's. His season average is right around .360 and he has been a huge part of leading the Dodgers to the best record in baseball so far this season.
HONORABLE MENTION: Raul Ibanez .344, 8 HR, 21 RBI; Evan Longoria .360, 8 HR, 31 RBI

Zack Greinke
Dear Zack, I'm sorry I didn't pick you last week. I just wanted to have a little diver.....Yes sir, I'm sorry. This kid is unconcious. If you haven't heard about the way he has been pitching you must have been living under a rock. I mean, no big deal that he is leading the league with six wins (in six starts as well) with three of those being complete games. The has put up zeros in 42 of the 45 innings he has pitched. I'm really not sure if you can even do that on MLB: The Show. Greinke has also amassed 54 K's and that amazing 0.40 ERA. Solid.
HONORABLE MENTION: Scott Richmond (4-0), 2.67 ERA, 26 K's; Trevor Hoffman 4 saves since returning

Who's Not
San Diego Padres
1-9 over the last ten games was enough for them to squeak this out over the Athletics and, of course, the Nationals. Just a week and a half ago the Padres were playing well coming of a series win to open Citi Field in New York. Adrian Gonzalez was mashing the ball and the Pads were a bit of surprise. Well they have started to come back down to Earth and look to be settling into the spot they will be for the whole season. Good signs from Heath Bell in the closer role so far this season.
DISHONORABLE MENTION: Washington Nationals (7-17); Oakland Athletics (9-14)

B.J. Upton
A relatively easy choice this week. Upton is hitting way below the Mendoza line at .152 and has only hit safely 12 times. His home run account is still closed and his RBI's total two, which is two more than my total, by still is disappointing. I think it's safe to say Tampa is disappointed with their start so far this season and Upton's lack of production factor into that.
DISHONORALBE MENTION: Dioner Navarro .160, 1 HR, 3 RBI; Brandon Phillips .205, 3 HR, 11 RBI

Sidney Ponson
Not like this wasn't too expected. Five starts for Ponson this season and he is winless in all of them. His (0-4) record and 7.16 ERA are not positive for KC as they look to contend in the AL Central this year. He's only struck out 18 and has given up 22 ER in 27.2 IP.
DISHONORABLE MENTION: Ubaldo Jimenez (1-4), 6.58 ERA, 19 BB's; Fausto Carmona (1-3), 6.11 ERA

AL East
1. Blue Jays (18-10)
2. Red Sox (16-10)
3. Yankees (13-12)
4. Rays (11-16)
5. Orioles (10-16)

AL Central
1. Royals (15-11)
2. Tigers (13-12)
3. Twins (13-13)
4. White Sox (12-13)
5. Indians (10-16)

AL West
1. Mariners (15-11)
2. Rangers (13-12)
3. Angels (11-13)
4. Athletics (9-14)

NL East
1. Marlins (15-11)
2. Phillies (13-10)
3. Mets (11-13)
4. Braves (11-14)
5. Nationals (7-17)

NL Central
1. Cardinals (17-9)
2. Cubs (14-11)
3. Brewers (14-12)
4. Reds (13-12)
5. Pirates (12-13)
6. Astros (11-15)

NL West
1. Dodgers (19-8)
2. Giants (12-12)
3. Diamondbacks (11-15)
4. Padres (11-15)
5. Rockies (10-14)
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