Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boras has all the power in the Strasburg negotiations? Don't think so!!

As expected, the Washington Nationals drafted the best amateur prospect in the history of Major League Baseball, pitcher Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg went 13-1 with a 1.32 ERA in 15 starts this season at San Diego State and was named a Golden Spikes Award finalist. He struck out 195 batters with just 19 walks in 109 innings pitched. Signability. That is the word that you hear at every amateur draft in all sports. It sounds like a bad Bud Light marketing campaign. Now everyone says Scott Boras has all the cards in these negotiations. The Nats need to boost attendance. The Nats need a face for a very, very bad franchise. The Nats need everything. Strasburg has become a national icon before he has even pitched in the majors. But I think the Nats hold all the cards. If the Nationals are unable to sign Strasburg, they would get the 2nd pick overall in next year's draft because they could not come to an agreement. Plus, the Nats are on pace to have the #1 overall pick in the 2010 amateur draft as well. So they would hold the #1 and #2 picks.

So if I am the owner, president and GM of the Nats - I am telling Boras, look - we own his rights - and this is a fair offer....just a thought...5 years at $35 million. If the Boras would say that is ludicrous, just tell Scott that is our final offer and we will re-draft him at #2 overall next year. So that way, Strasburg has been out of baseball for over a year and now he has slipped from #1 to a #2 overall pick, which hurts the negotiations for Boras even more.

Furthermore, and even funnier - as bad as the Nationals are overall as a franchise from the majors to rookie ball - this could be the same scenario in the 2011 draft. I'll tell you what - if this does happen and contiunes down the same path after the 2010 draft - Strasburg will fire Boras sooner than later.

Stephen - advise Boras to get a deal have no leverage here!
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