Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tony LaRussa adds to his puzzling moves

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa added to his career of puzzling moves with today's getaway day lineup in Florida. After the Cardinals finally broke out of their slump with the bats by scoring 12 runs (almost matching what they had scored in the whole month of June). LaRussa elected to bench rookie CF Colby Rasmus. I definitely understand this move...NOT!!! Rasmus has a 9 game hitting streak going, plus he went 2 for 4 on Tuesday night and 2 for 5 last night with a 3 run homerun. He has been the hottest hitter in that lineup ever since going into the clean up role behind Albert Pujols.

You know how baseball experts always say umpires should not be noticed and I think we all agree this would be the same about managers. But I honestly believe that Tony wants to make sure he is in the news even if it is done to hurt his team at times. I know he has won a ton of games, but I honestly believe LaRussa has caused many more losses in his career than he has wins. I am begging GM John Mozeliak to hire Jose Oquendo at the end of the year and let one of the biggest egos in managerial baseball history to head back to the Bay and enjoy his cats.
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