Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cards/Marlins Preview

The St. Louis Cardinals travel to south Florida to play a 3 game set against the Florida Marlins starting tonight. The Cardinals are 2-7 in their last 9 and they have been outscored 55-26 during that span. They are a very bad offensive team right now...and unfortunately the organization is finding out what all the Redbirds fans thought, they needed to get a bat in the offseason to add to the best player in baseball, Albert Pujols. The only good news for the Cardinals right now is starter Chris Carpenter. Carp is 4-0 with a 0.71 ERA and he will be on the mound to open the series tonight. The bad news for the Birds, Josh Johnson is on the mound for the Fish tonight - he is 5-1, 2.63 ERA. And truth be told, the Marlins could put me on the mound - and I would probably be able to throw 7 scoreless innings against this pathetic Cardinals offense.

It would not surprise me at all if the Cardinals would go out and trade for shortstop Erick Aybar of the Angels since the $6.5 million dollar gamble on Khalil Greene was a huge failure since he couldn't accept failure. But they still need to acquire a big bat...Matt Holliday possibly? Why Aybar you say? Because highly touted Angels prospect Brandon Wood (this is who I wish the Cards would trade for) is continuing to tear up Triple A. Plus, the Cardinals need to quit babying their top prospects and call up 3B Brett Wallace - we need a stick - and rumor has it - Wallace's is the best stick in the minors. No matter what - the Cards need to do something and soon!!

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