Monday, April 20, 2009

BLBB's Extra Innings Recap

So, I wanted to make a post like this last week but it is kind of hard to get a solid judgement on the season after one week so I decided to wait until this week. Still the season is just over two weeks old so a lot of what I'm about to say applies for all of likely three or four days max.

Who's Hot

Florida Marlins
How can the Marlins not be the first thing mentioned here. We talked a bit on our preview podcast for the NL East about Florida being a sleeper but I'm not sure anyone legitamitely thought the Marlins would be sitting at 11-1 after the first two weeks of the season. Let's not forget that six of those wins came against the, how do I put this nicely, abominable Washington Nationals (see Who's Not). Give credit to them though after coming back to win three straight games that they were down in the 9th inning. They take on an okay Pirates team in Pittsburgh in the early part of this week so they could go into their first series with the defending champs with only one or two losses.
HONORABLE MENTION: San Diego Padres (9-4); Toronto Blue Jays (10-4)

Carlos Quentin, White Sox, LF
Quentin is currently crushing the ball. His seven homers in 12 games so far this season lead the majors. He is also hitting a good .302. Quentin has also ammassed 13 RBI, six K's, and has been walked seven times. He could continue this hot streak this weak against what could be a tired Orioles team who are wrapping up a series at Fenway on Monday.
HONORABLE MENTION: Miguel Cabrera, .489, 4 HR, 12 RBI; Ian Kinsler, .460, 4 HR, 14 RBI, 6 SB, one cycle

Zack Grienke, Royals, SP
I like this guy. He spells his name the correct way instead of spelling it Zatch. Anyway, he has had one heck of a start to the season so far. He has gotten the win in all three of his starts so far this campaign with his most recent outing being a complete game shutout of a very powerful Rangers team. Let's not forget that he has 26 K's in 20.0 IP and oh yeah, an ERA of 0.00. I'll take it.
HONORABLE MENTION: Roy Halladay (3-0), 3.00 ERA, 17 K's; Heath Bell, 7 saves in 7 games, 0.00 ERA

Who's Not

Washington Nationals
Do I really have to explain my reasoning on this one? If you just answered yes, I'm not sure why but, here you go: 1-10 record, a -21 runs scored difference, and three 9th inning leads that were blown. Safe to say that's not gonna get it done in the big leagues.
DISHONORABLE MENTION: Cleveland (4-9), Arizona Diamondbacks (4-8)

David Ortiz, Red Sox, DH
Big Papi has not started off this season well and neither have the Red Sox really. Ortiz currently has just 10 hits in 51 AB's for a .196 avg. He has only driven in six and has whiffed 15 times so far. The Sox are playing right now and his stats keep changing on me so when you read this his numbers likely will have changed, but the message is the same. I fully expect him to pick it up as the season progresses.
DISHONORABLE MENTION: Hideki Matsui, .194, 1 HR, 3 RBI in 11 games; Jimmy Rollins, .152, 1 HR, 4 RBI in 11 games

Chien-Ming Wang, Yankees, SP
Well this was easy. Wang is KILLING my fantasy team. Thanks Chien-Ming. Three losses in three starts, less K's in those three games, two, than games played, and an ERA through the roof at 34.50. Did I mention 23 earned in six, that's right, six IP. Brutal. Step it up Wang, Derby City Boys need your help.
DISHONORABLE MENTION: Tim Lincecum (0-1) in 3 starts, 3.86 ERA; Aaron Cook (0-0) in 3 starts, ERA 10.22, 12.1 IP, 14 ER


AL East
1. Blue Jays 10-4
2. Yankees 7-6
3. Red Sox 6-6
4. Orioles 6-6
5. Rays 5-8

AL Central
1. Royals 7-5
2. White Sox 7-5
3. Tigers 7-5
4. Twins 7-7
5. Indians 4-9

AL West
1. Mariners 8-5
2. Rangers 5-7
3. A's 5-7
4. Angels 4-8

NL East
1. Marlins 11-1
2. Braves 6-6
3. Mets 6-6
4. Phillies 5-6
5. Nationals 1-10

NL Central
1. Cubs 7-4
2. Cardinals 8-5
3. Reds 6-5
4. Pirates 6-6
5. Astros 4-8
6. Brewers 4-8

NL West
1. Dodgers 10-3
2. Padres 9-4
3. Rockies 4-7
4. Giants 4-8
5. D'backs 4-8
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